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$6.2 million to Establish Treatment Center for Perioperative Mental Health

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The National Institute of Mental Health has granted $6.2 million to Washington University of Medicine researchers to establish a treatment center. Their aim is to help enhance mental health in particularly older surgical patients. The institute will open a treatment center for anxiety and depression.

In an average person’s lifespan, they can go up to nine surgical procedures. After surgery, the individual is in a high-risk period related to mental health, especially among the elderly. Depression and anxiety are ubiquitous in elder surgery patients. A previous study has shown that roughly 40% of older surgical patients have mental health issues. It might damage their quality of life and slow recovery. This is going to be the first treatment center in the world.

There are many treatment centers for anxiety and depression in surgery patients. The National Institute has granted the team $6.2 million to establish a treatment center.
The Center for Perioperative Mental Health is the first of its kind in the United States. The center’s goal is to protect and improve patients’ mental health during stressful periods, with a particular focus on older adults. The scientists are from psychiatry, anesthesiology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and the university’s Institute for Informatics.

“More older adults are having surgery than ever before, and the rates of clinically significant depression and anxiety are about four times higher among those having surgery than among older adults who are not,” said Eric J. Lenze, MD, the Wallace, and Lucille K. Renard Professor of Psychiatry and one of the center’s co-principal investigators. “This new center is designed to allow clinicians and scientists to collaborate to prevent adverse mental health outcomes in older people who need surgery.”

Each year, around 50 million people in the United States and 350 million people globally conduct surgeries that have the potential to change people’s lives. Older surgery patients are inwards of the treatment center and get home visits by nurses and therapists. Surgical modifications can all lead to cognitive impairment, confusion, and mood disorders. Elderly people deal with a lot of problems, and surgery raises their concerns a lot. Therefore, this initiative is going to help them in a huge way.

Researchers want to find and analyze approaches to promote mental health in at-risk surgery patients. They’re inviting medical school researchers to conduct pilot studies to help them achieve their aims. The center gives out at least $80,000 each year to start such experimental programs. The first pilot project ideas are due on September 1st.

Many elderly patients undergoing surgery endure cognitive deterioration. Thus, it gives rise to a condition to move them to a treatment center for anxiety and depression. Elderly surgical patients are on medication, leading to confusion, falls, and other undesirable side effects. According to Michael S. Avidan, the entire process can be daunting for patients. One of the main reasons he established the treatment center was to raise awareness about mental health.

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