13th October – International Day For Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction

On October 13, the world celebrates International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (IDDRR). This was begun in 1989, to promote a global culture of risk awareness and disaster reduction by the United Nations General Assembly.

This day is an opportunity for the world to measure the progress being made towards reducing the losses and risk of lives livelihood and health. Previously, this day was celebrated to raise awareness among the people about controlling the risk that they face during a disaster.

A Sendai Seven campaign which was centered on the seven targets of the Sendai framework, the 2021 edition of IDDRR is based on the sixth target of the Sendai Seven campaign. It is the “International cooperation for the developing countries to reduce their disaster risk and disaster losses”.

Sendai Seven campaign was launched in 2016 by Mr. Robert Glasser, the UN Secretary General’s special representative for disaster risk and reduction with aim of saving lives, improving the management of and reducing disaster losses. disaster risk. This campaign was launched to achieve seven targets in a time frame of seven years.

The 2021 edition of IDDRR will be a make or break year for the promises on which the policy agenda was agreed upon in 2015. The other agenda of the 2021 edition is to manage International cooperation for developing countries through Official Development Aid (ODA). This aid will help the developing countries at the time of natural and man-made hazards and extreme weather phenomena.

The key message of International Day For Disaster Risk Reduction is “If it’s not risk-informed, it’s not sustainable. And, if it’s not sustainable then it has a human cost”. Disaster works as a brake for sustainable development because of heavy economic losses. Especially, for those countries that have been facing the effects of climate change and extreme weather phenomena. This has resulted in the loss of agriculture, infrastructure, loss of lives, and livelihood.

It is important to ensure risk-sensitive development with the help of panel discussion and cooperation with the international society.

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