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Astronomers have detected the most massive collision of two black holes that occurred some 7 billion years ago. They have only reached the signs of the collision. The disastrous event made researchers a front-row seat to the birth of one of the World’s most exclusive objects. Astronomers and general space enthusiasts have been interested in the topic of black holes for many years. If you are also someone like them who spends a lot of time researching the facts of a black hole or watching videos on the topic, then here is something interesting topic for you!

The official Instagram account of  NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory shared two images of black holes. The quote shared along with the photographs quotes  “Galaxy NGC 6240 contains two supermassive #BlackHoles in the process of merging. Seen as the bright ‘dots’ near the center of this image, the black holes are just 3,000 light-years apart. Eventually, they will drift together, forming a larger black hole millions of years from now.”

As per the official blog post shared by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the two black holes as pictured in the shot are only 3,000 light-years apart. According to many scientists, it is believed that the same process is again expected to merge into a larger black hole for some 10-100 million years from now. The pictures after sharing have gained about 24,500 likes and several comments. Some commented as “Wow” and “Amazing” to the clicks.

NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory made history by reporting the most energetic explosive event that has ever been discovered in the Universe. It is observed that in a galaxy cluster some 390 million light-years away, a supermaterial black hole emitted a jet that resulted in an enormous chamber in the intergalactic space of that galaxy cluster. In order to make this phenomenon the total amount of energy that is required records more than any other event seen after the Big Bang. However, there is another class of events that exists in the World and that can output even more energy in a shorter time is the merger of two supermassive black holes. To date, no such incident is observed! Everything is a matter of time and technology until it reveals to us! If somewhere something ever happens like this then any old space record will get shattered by an enormous amount.


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